Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Murdoch & Media Consolidation

In the Corporate state, the corporate media are State Media.

What is needed is a Constitutional Amendment (and a regime that honors the Constitution) limiting the number of media outlets that may be owned, operated, managed, or influenced by any single interest--personal, or corporate.

I'd say, no person, corporation, partnership nor any other association may own, manage, control, or otherwise influence any more than ONE newspaper, radio/tv station, or any other publically consumed media outlet per Congressional district.

The Amendment--or legislation associated with it--should also divest existing media giants of their multiple media properties.

Media should be local.

For reasons that are or ought to be obvious, in the current USer political culture, NONE of that--neither jot nor tittle--is gonna fuckin' happen, of course. Remember what happened to Howard Dean? One day after winning the Iowa primary, in 2004, Dean mentioned that one of his priorities as President would be to examine media concentration. Within hours, what mattered was not that he'd WON Iowa; the SCREAM was the story, and he was belabored with it so loudly and so often that his candidacy was effectively scuttled.

As for Murdoch, himself? Were I he, I wouldn't go sailing with my family, or flying in any single-engine aircraft.

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