Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Do NPR's Newsreaders Have Vomitoria In The Studios?

That's what I asked the gal--a friend of mine--who runs the board at the local outlet during Morning Edition, upon hearing Renee Mundane reading a headline prospective of the lying, shitwhistle Chimperor's speech to the VFW today, in which he will say something like "The consequence of US involvement in Vietnam has been 30 years of peace in the region."
Having to repeat boilerplate like that, without comment, would make me puke all over the fucking console. I mean, how can anyone with a fucking chinchilla of "integritude" (to say nothing at all of actual integrity) bring themselves to read such feculent fucking twaddle and codswallop with a fucking straight face, without any comment or snark?
I'd have to resign, if I had to repeat such crap, aloud, and in public, without comment.
NPR is "trusted." That means some significant fraction of the Volk listen for honest reports. They're trusted because, presumably, they're news professionals. Thus when they simply repeat the lies, when the just 'catapult the propaganda,' they imbue them with respectability and simultaneously handicap their own credibility.
In the Corporate State, corporate media ARE the "State Media."


Margot said...

What did your friend say?

WGG, Rogue Scholar & Tokin Lib'rul said...

she just laughed...she knows me...