Thursday, August 09, 2007

A Tin-Foil Chapeau Item: The GOPubes Threw The '06 "Election"

The Dims 'won' the Congress in '06 ONLY because the Pubes din't haul out their whole arsenal of reliable, time-tested, heavy, vote-stealing artillery.

They--the GOPhux--didn't WANT to 'win' in Congress. They DID want to be able to shift blame onto the Democrats for the Busheviki excesses over the previous 6 years and inoculation against the the forthcoming two years.

So, the Pubes more or less threw the '06 'election' because they needed to be able to dump some share of the responsibility for the Bushevik "Blunders" (they're not, really; those 'blunders' are actually the Bushevik 'accomplishments; but that's for another time) on the Dims.

The Dim margin of 'victory' provided that, despite the appearance of majorities in both Houses, the Pubes retained effective control in both. It worked just about perfectly, seems to me.

Wonderful how the Dims stepped Right UP, innit?!


Mr.Murder said...

Actually Dems threw the '02 and '04 races to let Repubs take full stake in the blame.

All we heard about was how Deomcrats were standing in the way, when the Preznit got his permanent majority things would change and wed win wars forever, and end aborti- oops.

Mr.Murder said...

we'd win*

Uncle Smokes said...

That's ridiculous! Absolutely off-the-wall loony!

No! I won't consider it!

LaLaLaLaLa!!! IIIICan'tHeeeeearYoooou!!!