Saturday, August 04, 2007

So The Senate Dems Caved On Domestic Spying

And there is much weeping, and wailing and gnashing of teeth among the left blogosphere this day.

But whence cometh such recriminations?

All must by now have had revealed to them the Beatific nature of the Democratic Party Elite! Verily are they not the poorest in Spirit? The most mournful?
Are they not the Meekest? And lo, by the rule of the 3/8 Beatitudes, thereby they do hope to inherit the Earth when they inherit its functional simulcrum, the White House?

Tin-Foil Alert
The Pukes Needed To Shift Blame for all the evident, damaging, outrageous failures of the last 7 years, while maintianing 'effective' power.

So they essentially "threw"--that is, they didn't pull out all the customary, proven, reliable stops to steal--the '06 elections.

They needed the appearance of the "Do-Nothing" Dems.

They got it.

Mission: Accomplished.

For all their rhetoric in front of the {People}, Dems are always still poor, 2nd-class supplicants before the table of the all-wealthy, all-powerful, all-determining Corporate State. Of course, they collapse on cue. Data mining is good for bidness.

As I said somewhere yestiddy: If you think 'terror' is bad for bidness, they you're in the wrong bidness, cully.


Dirk Gently said...

there are those of us who are not at all surprised. sickened, dismayed, angry, yes.

surprised, no.

Margot said...

We have a bridge in my town that is in 'serious' condition. We didn't know that until yesterday.
62,000 cars go over it per day. The rest on the list are in poor condition.