Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Obama's apparent penchant for bi-partisanship, compromise, and negotiation has ALWAYS bothered me. It has seemed to me, from the outside, that Obama's style of negotiation was to decide, in advance, what he was willing to concede, without having in mind to what he was conceding, or what he was getting in return. If you walk into negotiations already ready to give up or give-in, you're not gonna wring anytghing of significance from your antagonists.

It's always bothered me, as well, that Obama's admirers would believe that a "striver" like Obama (or Sonia Sotromayor, for that matter), who ferociously sought and struggled for approval and reward his whole life from the Owners would have the courage to bite the hands that curried him...

The Health-Insurance debacle suggests I was, unfortunately, once again, correct.

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themom said...

Well said Woody. I've said it before, bipartisanship is not working, being nice is not working. Go with the majority and see what happens. He needs to govern at this point.