Monday, August 03, 2009

Is This A "New" Keith Olberman? Me Likee Long Time!

If this is what he gets up to when he's not involved in stupid pissing contests with that worthless clown/buffoon/bagoshit Bill O'Reilly, then mebbe the Boardroom suspension of the feud ain't such a bad idea.

Olberman was in fine form tonight, scolding both the recalcitrant GOPuke shitwhistles and feculent fucknozzle AWOL Dims for sheer, plain, criminal dereliction of duty to the people--not the corporations--whom they allegedly represent. DOTOF™ to Edger, who put this up on Antimedius:
KO: "Congressman Mike Ross of Arkansas. Leader of the Blue Dogs in the House. You're the guy demanding a guarantee that Reform won't add to the deficit. I'm guessing you forgot to demand that about, say, Iraq. You're a Democrat, you say, Congressman?

"You saw what Sandy Barham said? Sandy Barham is 62 years old, she's got a bad heart, and she's hoping her valves will hold together for three more years until Medicaid kicks in, because she can't afford insurance. Not just for herself, mind you. For her employees. She needs the public option. So do those six people who work at that restaurant of hers, Congressman Ross.

"And why should you give a crap? Because Sandy Barham's restaurant is the Broadway Railroad Café, and it is at 123 West First Street North in Prescott, Arkansas. Prescott, Arkansas, Congressman Ross. Your home town. You are Sandy Barham's congressman. Hers, Sir. Not Blue Cross's and Blue Shield's, even if they do insure 75 percent of the state and they own you."
(Righteously said.) And here's what Keith has to say about Senator Thune:
"Senator John Thune of South Dakota? You gave the Republican rebuttal to the President's weekly address day before yesterday. You said the Democrats' plan was for '... government run health care that would disrupt our current system, and force millions of Americans who currently enjoy their employer-based coverage into a new health care plan run by government bureaucrats.'

"That's a bald-faced lie, Senator. And you're a bald-faced liar, whose bald face is covered by... your own health care plan run by government bureaucrats."
Much more, from MSNBC Countdown, August 03, 2009:

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