Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Fearless Max Blumenthal's Newest Documentary

DOTOF™;: Lenin's Tomb

In his own words:
Max Blumenthal and the Daily Nuisance present the trailer for their forthcoming documentary exposing rising repression inside Israel as the country moves rapidly towards authoritarianism. An activist faces jail for blocking bulldozers; the Knesset attempts to criminalize the Nakba and all opposing "Jewish and democratic" state; feminists investigated for incitement to draft dodge; Palestinian-Israelis arrested for election protest -- where is Israel going? Featuring interviews with Ezra Nawi, Breaking the Silence, Sameh Jabarin, Naomi Chazan, Bi'ilin Popular Committee, New Profile and others facing extreme repression from Israel's right-wing government.
Fearless! Rawk Awn!

Israel will never cease to try to expel from or assimilate (preferably the former) Arabs into what it deems its "natural' hegemonic sphere: between the Jordan & the Sea. Israel, by any 'rational' (real-Politik) standard cannot countenance the existence of a separate, sovereign State within its borders. It will NEVER enter into any agreement which provides for anything like a co-equal Arab state in Palestine. Can you see Bibi Netanyahu or Avigdor Lieberman telling a bunch of settlers to pull back, or explaining to a bunch of kibbutzim why they have to share water with the "filthy Arabs?"

Me neither....

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