Monday, August 10, 2009

Controlling the Message, Mr. Spocko's Way

The ferociously brave, understandably angry SFO blogger, Mr. Spocko, who's felt the wrath of ABC/Disney for attacking their rabid, reactionary crew on KSFO, on Digby's Hullabaloo, yesterday offered this scenario-laden advice:
One thing that the right does with their talk radio hosts is get the media on their side by evoking "free speech!" even when it is really corporate sponsored violent rhetoric broadcast on the public airwaves.

In 2007 I went to the advertisers of Brian Sussman, Lee Rodgers, Melanie Morgan and "Officer Vic" on KSFO and said, "The management won't do anything about this violence, the FCC won't do anything, if you don't want your brand associated with this then consider removing your financial support. It doesn't stop their First Amendment rights because you are not the government. You have a corporate decision to make, and you can choose to remove your support."

28 advertisers did. It cost KSFO millions of dollar's in revenue. Now of course I had to have my blog shut down by the ABC/Disney corporation in order for the story to get national legs and because of it I could more clearly show just what they really think of "free speech". This also shows what they really care about, they don't really mind the media talking about their wacky comments about killing people. It can lead to more ratings from people curious about their show, and the media gets to do a great, "X vs. Y" story. Lou Dobbs vs. Media Matters! Spocko vs. KSFO! Only in my case I cost them money and THAT is the only real corporate sin.
KSFO is the station of Rush and Hannity.

The management will never say a word to them as long as they are making money. The FCC will never do anything
as long as they are not saying anything profane, indecent or obscene. (which, BTW, are restrictions the government makes and they accept, because they were applied by the right years ago.)

The mainstream media will not challenge them because they want to be on the outside and report on the show. But they will come down on the side of Rush because they see him as one of them. The left will sometimes miss the point and say that they don't like what Rush says but they will "Defend to the death his right to say it."
Great. I say, but are you doing anything to have an impact on Rush in some other fashion if your willfully misunderstand the first Amendment? You don't need to be the devil's advocate for Rush. the Devil doesn't need any help. You know who needs help? People like me who figured out a way to fight these people.

I figure out a way to fight them with out limiting their "free speech" which is just 24/7 corporate sponsored speech.

I was sick of these people calling for the death of liberals, Muslims, journalists and democrats on the air so I did something.

If you are sick of this stuff you can do something.

Last week I got both Lifetime Network (Project Runway) and a SF theatre production (Beach Blanket Babylon) to pull their ads from KSFO. I wrote two letters and pointed out to the advertisers the violent rhetoric (which I especially care about) and the anti-gay rights rhetoric (which they care about) to the advertisers. blanket

In the month of April I got United Airlines to pull their ads because of their violent rhetoric and sick sexual "comedy" routines about the President and his wife having Anal sex (with sound effects!) advertise

This kind work cost the parent company enough money that they had to cut one of the hosts loose in 2008, Melanie Morgan. She was out of the loop for the 2008 election. Sadly she is back on radio in DC and is now nationally syndicated but she had to be tied with a sugar daddy, the money losing propaganda paper, Washington Times supported by the Rev. Moon.

In order to fight these people you have to use a strategy this is different than the one that they want. You do not fight them like they fight us. Don't play on their turf, don't expect them to be rational.

You want to hurt talk radio you hit it them in the pocket book. And you do it in a way that even the most ardent free speech advocate can't complain about. And those advocates are actually our biggest roadblock next to the corporations that are making millions with Rush and the political parties that get their messages injected right into the brains of the faithful AND the mainstream media (like Brian Williams who listens to Rush because he want's to know what the conservatives think.)

The right got Howard Stern off the air they used Million dollar fines over a period of years.

Last month Lee Rodgers called for the genocide of the Iraqi people. He said that if they start fighting again the US should, "Massacre every last damn on of you." massacre

Why is he still on the air? Because he isn't costing them enough money.

Addendum: Go directly hence, to Mr Spocko's blog, and read his splendid letter to the PR organization that is honoring the feculent puddle of cat-puke, Lee Rodgers, with some kind of fucking local broadcasting Hall of Fame.

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