Thursday, August 27, 2009

Is ABC Putting John Stossel In Charge Of "Health Reform" Coverage?

Both C&L yesterday, and TP, today, have had pieces up about ABC handing the "anchor" role in the network's coverage of the Health Care reform debates over to John Stossel. Stossel is a feckless, soi-disant "libertarian" lightweight, a vicious liar, and a whining coward. No story to which John Stossel's name is attached should proceed without reference to the following vid (which is just about my favorite bit of video EVAH!):

John Stossel is a chickenshit.

Btw: I have often wanted to do that to asswipes who diss teachers, too. Just bitch-slap the fuckers, and kick 'em when they're down, so's they'll stay down, and shut the fuck up...

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Charles D said...

Why is a stupid, incompetent, unwatchable moron like Stoessel on the TV at all?