Friday, August 21, 2009

Is Health Care A "Moral" Issue?

Speaking in front of a group of religious leaders on Wednesday, President Barack Obama said the health care debate was a "core ethical" issue and should be treated as such.

If he said that, he made another big mistake. Murkins have been thoroughly schooled in the ethic "anti-altruism" (FUIGM: "Fuck you, I got mine") since the Raygun regime sanctified 'greed' 30 years ago. (Which regime, I wish you to recall, "thePrez" continues to admire.)

But mainly, it's a non starter because when White, Middull Murka (WMM) hears appeals to the morality of public spending, what they are thinking is:
"Shit! More of my tax money going to those damn, lazy, shif'less, immoral, baby-packin, fornicating, alcoholic, drugged-out (fill in the racial/social epithet)s! I ainta gonna have it no more!"
Such is the nature of Racism (capital R denotes embedded, institutional Racism) that WMM would rather not themselves have access to improved conditions if that would also thereby improve the lots of the "inferior," despised, "others." A "classic" case of the often difficult to specify Capital R Racism...

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