Thursday, August 27, 2009

Interviewing RNC Chair Steele, Today, Insqueak Showed Faint Traces of Vestigial Reportorial "Stones"

I thought my ears were deceiving me. I shook my head in wonderment at what my senses beheld. Awesome, unusual, astonishing QUESTIONS? From NPR? For a Puke Functionary? I was fuukin AMAZED.

Little Steevie Insqueak sounded almost like he had a couple of tiny, vestigial STONES rolled up under his usual fluff and anal tongue-laving of the powerful. It made me a little nostalgic. ThinkProgress has a (non-working) link and a transcript

And Steele was obviously non-plussed at the reception. He was clearly expecting the usual, deferrential, ass-licking posture NPR usually accords the satraps of the Right. GOPukes NEVER get asked hard questions on NPR (Remember: You cannot spell REPUBLICAN without NPR!)...

But there's Insqueak, relentlessly almost badgering Steele to answer a question, straight up.
I’m still having a little trouble with the notion that you’re going to write to protect Medicare, you’re going to preserve this program, that you’re going to make sure that this government-run health care program stays solvent in the long-term –

STEELE: Let’s get it to run right.

INSKEEP: — and yet you’re opposing “government-run health care.”
I was as surprised as if Cokie Roberts had admitted the real origin of her nickname...

Now if NPR will just start naming "Wan" Williams, when he's introduced as NPR's "senior" lick-spittle analys, as the odious, venal, mendacious, sycophantic flunky for Murdoch and O'Reilly that he really is, you might begin to hope that the Network is turning back to its roots (well, you'd have to fire Robert Siegel, and the feckless, useless ombud, too).

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