Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Bridge Too Far?

There's this guy searching for proof of the Divine, and one day at the beach he encounters an angel, or anyway somebody who says he's one.

Of course, the guy's skeptical, but he gives the self-described angel a task to prove he's working for the Lord: the guy's a surfer, and he loves Hawaii, but he lives in California. So he tells the angel he wants the Lord to build a bridge from LA to Honolulu. That'd be definitive proof, he figgers.

The angel, understandably tries to get out of it, first complaining of the raw materials, then berating the guy for being selfish, for wanting to drive to Hawaii. The 'angel' asks the guy if he doesn't have a more doable, mebbe a more noble, thing that the angel could accomplish to prove his relation with God.

So the fella stops and thinks, and after a minute, tells the angel that, yeah, okay, he'll give up on the idea of the bridge. What he really wants is to understand women, he says.

The angel considers the request, and after a minute he sez: 'So this bridge? You want two or four lanes?'

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