Friday, August 29, 2008

New Meme? Whaddaya Call Federal Workers Hired For Partisan Loyalty, Not Practical Competence?


Named for Monica Goodling, the blonde, brainless bimbo with a "law degree" from a religious diploma mill hired by the Bushevik "Justice" department to vet new career employee hires, and who notoriously used her position to ensure the ideological purity of prospective employees.

Here's how Wiki describes her qualifications:
Goodling, a conservative Christian, was a 1991 graduate of Northeastern High School in Manchester, Pennsylvania, and received her Bachelor of Arts degree in 1995 from Messiah College. After completing her bachelor's degree, Goodling continued her education at American University,[2] but she then transfered to the Regent University Law School, where she received her Juris Doctor degree in 1999. Regent University was founded by Pat Robertson, and it advertises itself as "America's Preeminent Christian University".
From "Messiah" College (WTF izzat?), she tried a real school (*American U.), but couldn't cut it and retreated to "Regency" University for here 'gimme' JD?

I, for one, am certain there were "Monica Goodlings" embedded by the Busheviks in every department of the government. And I am equally certain that while there, these fascist 'moles' hired deeply committed, neo-con cells, and installed them in every department, office, and bureau of Government today. For the foreseeable future, these 'moles' will oppose, interfere with, and try to stymie any and effort at liberalizing Government for the next 30 years, if not purged, handily and forthwith by an Obama regime, should he be installed in the ShiteHouse.

If 'elected,' the first thing Obama needs to do is set up a team to cull the records of every Bushevik hire since 2001 for the "Goodlings." Then fire them, all, summarily. Turn in your keys and your hard-discs, pack your crosses, rosaries, holy water vials, and get the fuck outta Dodge...

(This post appeared originally on The Pond. It will eventually find its way to MLW, to WWL, to PFF, and Station Charon.)

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