Sunday, August 03, 2008

"And That's Just The Fuuking BEGINNING..."

From comments on Crooks & Liars today:
And that’s just the beginning (of the catalog of Bushevik crimes and excesses). Plamegate, the Libby pardon, the Abramoff affair, doctoring scientific reports, the end of habeas corpus, detainee torture, the politically-motivated firings of U.S. attorneys, illegal domestic surveillance, the theory of the unitary executive and the unprecedented assertion of executive privilege all show a President committed to doing neither what is legal nor right. And then, of course, there’s Iraq.
To say, say I, nothing of the blights of which we yet have no knowledge.

Example: 8 or 9 US Attys were fired for having too scant enthusiasm to loyally serve their local political masters. There are (or were) around 100. Eight or 9 were fired for, essentially, having a shred of integrity. Is anybody even asking: What about the rest?

So, what fell, diabolical, destructive, anti-democratic, fascistic deeds have those US Attys done to inoculate themselves against dismissal by this most partisan, most politicizing Regime since the rise of European fascism? To what kinds of mischief and miscreance have they been up? Is anybody even looking? These guys have their scalpels on the aorta of freedom...

The Siegelman case in Alabama hints at the depths of the skullduggery in which they are capable, skilled, and eager to engage. As we get closer to the actual, putative ‘election,’ what worries me is what invisible mischiefs have these US Attys been up to, of the kind that permitted them to keep their jobs, when the 8 or nine who were not enthusiastic enough tools of their local political patrons were fired?

And THAT’s just the beginning.

The busheviks have planted bureaucratic and administrative bombs throughout every branch, bureau, department, or office of government, from top to bottom, through and through. And they're not just policies and practices. The personnel they cannot fire might still have 25-year careers ahead of them, protected ironically by the very rules that were violated to get them into those positions. They’re in the infra-structure, inside the wall, so to speak. You’d have to bolt the doors and raze the buildings to clean ‘em all out.

Don’t be surprised when, if Obama does get in (it could happen...), the GOPhawks suddenly seem to become a lot less truculent, less enthusiastic about the war, and all its expense and loss of life, and to distance themselves from what they’ll swiftly and surely implant in the public mind through the instrument of their lapdog media, the idea of “Obama’s War.”

And if he follows his announced plan, not to end US military adventurism in central Asia, but to relocate the nexi of their energies, it will surely and inevitably become what the Pukes will be calling it at every occasion…Obama’s pledge to get the “combat troops” out of Iraq in 18 months only means he plans to redeploy them to Afghanistan…

Probably–but not certainly, certainly–Obama would not attack Iran, under most circumstances; far better is the possibility that Bombin’ John would…

That's pretty thin gruel in the ‘choice’/'change’ menu, even for the USofA (the United Stores of MickeyDs...).

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