Wednesday, August 13, 2008

An Immodest Proposal

Probably, Chinese "Women's Gymnastics" is a misnomer.

Probably, it should be called the "Chinese Girl's Gymnastics," maybe even Chinese Little Girls' Gymnastics. They are accused of using under-age competitors, exploiting the physical advantages that little girls enjoy over more mature ones in the areas of flexibility, absence of mass, and lack of fear. The Chinese "women," except their one leader--who won over-all gold--have no tits, no hips, no asses, nothing to suggest they are, in fact "women."

The Chinese say their competitors are ALL at least 16 years old, the official minimum age for women's gymnastics competition. They say the children's passports prove it.

But it's easy enough to phony up a passport if the issuing agency is complicit with the fraud.

So I have a suggestion. If it is, indeed, "women's" gymnastics that is being contested, every competitor ought to be required to provide evidence that the competitor has had menses. Give the IOC a tampon or a pad with menstrual fluid, and a dna sample for comparison.

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Alexandra said...

You really are a sonnavagun rogue liberal scholar/helluvafella. Who else would have the nerve to put a photo of a used tampon on their blog to prove a point (even such a valuable one). This a first for me. Really funny!