Monday, August 25, 2008

FIFTY THOUSAND HITS!!!!! Wooooo-HOOOOO!!! 50K!@!@!@

Today, August 25, 2008, the sum/total of hits on "Woody's Associated Blogs"™ lurched in typical, ungainly fashion past the 50,000-hit milestone. Much "Hoopla" attended the event. Jollity ensued, universally. You had to be there...The small screen doesn't do it justice, you know?

The visitor who logged the 50,000 hit linked in from Los Angeles, on AT&T, at 7:49 pm, looking for this image, from almost 8 years ago, even then known as the Brooks' Brothers Rebellion, when hired GOPuke staffers rioted in the Elections Office of Miami-Dade County and forced the suspension of the recount which should have spared us the ensuing 8 years of mal- and misfeasance. A fair number of these little fucknozzles and shitwhistles ended up in the Bushevik Apparat, some in career jobs, some in patronage positions. If you know any of them, see if they commute anytime through the Metro at Columbus Circle. The escalators there are very long and amazingly steep.

Fantasies aside, if this notawble visitor will contact me through the The Pond, where the hit happened, and confirm their name and ISP, I'll be sending that person a 2 lb bag of New Mexico Pinon-roasted coffee, a package of Chimayo red (ground) chile and a package of blue-corn tortilla/pancake mix.

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Mr. Pelican said...

I think 50,001 ought to get a case of beer!