Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Karl Rove only WISHES he'd thought of this...

Given the disaffection of such a (allegedly) large fraction of Hilary supporters (approaching 30%, according to some stories and polls), Bombin John, the POW PukeStain, could quite handily win both the battle of the snark and probably the 'election,' too, by naming Condi as his Veep.
She’d have strong appeal. “White” voters could vote for the PukeStain and at the same time assuage their ‘racial fairness’ paradoxes: they wouldn't "really" be voting for either a woman or a person of color, but they'd have a rat-fuck at the expense of the 'libruls.' Women, pissed (agree or not) at Obama, might also flock to the PukeStain ticket with the notable woman Veep candidate, figgering (rightly) "only a heartbeat, and he’s an old man…"

It would be an enormous propaganda coup for the GOP for it to happen that the first woman AND the first non-White preznint were both the SAME--incompetent, fatuous, shallow, bumbling, coproRat 'ho--Condi Rice, a Republican, innit???

Like I said, Karl Rove only WISHES he’d thought of it…

(This post originated on The Pond, where there's a coupla relevant illustrations. Likely it will also find its way onto MLW, WWL, & PFF. I am an equal opportunity offender.)

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