Monday, August 25, 2008

Squirt & Gulp: Obama, McCain Gleefuly Fellate Xian Flying Monkeys' Guru

That thing last weekend, with St. Randy of the Meg-Bux holding court and grilling the presidential candidates about their sectarian bona fides made me physically ill. I wanted to hurl, either my lunch, or handy, palm-sized stones.

Yet ANOTHER fucking "Faith-based blowjob" for the "faithful." The candidates got on their knees and sucked and swallowed the Kingdom Cum with downright disgusting enthusiasm...

Is it sweeter for it emanating from the Holy Scrote?

What a shameful performance! I never believed either Obama or McShame, but now I never shall respect them, either.

Squirt & gulp: The sound of Democracy cravenly collapsing before the false altar of theodicy...

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