Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Fearless Prediction: Labor Day Is DOOMED!

Get with the Holiday Spirit! Coming Soon, to end YOUR SUMMER!

Labor Day’s toast anyway. Fuggeddabottit!

Probably in 2011, for the 10th Marathon Lachrymosary of the “Terra Attacks of Nine Eleven” (mebbe get Jerry Lewis as host), whomsoever is president, knowing how hard the Allied Chambers of Commerce would oppose creating a NEW National Holiday--and under a barrage of right-wing breast-beating and self-congratulatory, hagiographic hoopla to acknowledge the Martyred Murkin Heroes of that day--will declare the substitution of “National Patriots’ Day”–or some such jingoistic crapola–-for poor, old, (long-doomed) Labor Day as the ‘end-of-summer’ holiday.

And why not?

Nobody giffsafok about Labor anymore anyway.

Yeah, baby, we’re ALL middle class now. Yeah!

Ewe Ess Ayy Ewe Ess Ayy Ewe Ess Ayy Ewe Ess Ayy

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