Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Pulitzer Winner Suskind: "Bushistas Told Premeditated Lies About WMD In Iraq"

I was shocked to hear it.

No, really I was. Nobody could have EVER anticipated that a regime infiltrated with and mainly 'elected' by a "bloodless," rightwing, fascistic, international militarist, petro-corp coup d'etat would misrepresent "Intelligence" in order to drag an unwilling Nation into a vainglorious, and neo-colonialist war of aggression to 'win' access to Iraq's oil.

Ah never would have guessed that could happen, not in the Yew-Nited Stets...Unnnnn-possible...

Listen to Suskind get the incredulous 'bidness' from NPR/ME's whiney, querelous, putz-in-residence, Squeak Inskeep...That tone of bemused disbelief NEVER shows up when he's tongue-laving the prostates of the Regime's toadies and satraps.

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BlakNo1 said...

Happy PDB Day!!!!

Or should it be called "All right, you've covered your ass" Day? I can't decide.