Monday, May 18, 2009

Arthur Silber Is Back

After another of his recurrent bouts with illness and poverty, one of the most literate, most acerbic critics of all things neo-liberal, Arthur Silber, is back on the trail of the psychopaths, sycophants, liars, perverts, thieves, and the other assorted criminals who comprise our political and journalistic classes.

Most recently he has expounded on the barbarity of the Obama military posture in Afghanistan, where the wanton destruction of both human and community life is the apparent price the Obamanauts are willing to pay not to be judged "soft" on terrorism.
Barack Obama is the perfect front man for the continuation of Empire -- for more murder, more slaughter, more brutality and, yes, more torture.

But now, there are very few people to oppose him. Thus, the Empire will continue on its bloody, murderous course, knowing full well that most of the opposition it might have encountered has voluntarily, and very often enthusiastically, joined the ranks of collaborators.

When you make excuses for evil of this kind, and when you attempt to "justify" or "explain" it, you make yourself evil. You are a knowing accomplice to slaughter and brutality. Those who decline to pass the necessary judgments about Obama will expend great effort to avoid this conclusion. But some of us see the truth, and we will be sure to remind such people of their own evil and complicity....

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The previous entry in Silber's (unfortunately often) sporadic blog focuses on the story revealing how Boy Scout "Explorer" troops are "training" in Southern California (and presumably elsewhere the threat is as palpable) to capture and control "illegal immigrants...terrorists...and drug-dealers."
'll add this post to my growing list of entries concerning the superlative, life-enhancing lessons taught to America's children by our compassionate, nurturing culture. Here are some earlier essays in the series:
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Silber is probably the most trenchant, most voluble, most unforgiving critic of the USer political betrayal of USer principles writing today. Check him out (though if you think I'm objectionable, you won't get two sentences into Silber's work...)

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