Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Battle-Cry Of USer/Xian "Warriors": Jesus Killed Mohammed

Almost unnoticed, the evangelistic/fudndamentalist/wackloon/dominionist Xian movement started colonizing the USer military 30 years ago. Now, in the Pentagon, a wackloon/Fundi-vangel 'church" ministry maintains a private office down the hall form the Joint Chiefs. The military chaplaincy is overwhelmingly populated with overt flying-Monkey IDiots, and the Service Academies, especially the USAFA in Colorado Springs--where Jewish cadets have been actively stigmatized--are the breeding grounds of whole cadres of christo-fascist "warriors for Jesus," whose service to the country is an excuse for spreading "the Word." Fighting soldiers are shunned within their units, penalized for their apostasy and denied promotions for expressing 'dis-belief,' or being perceived as lacking sufficient 'faith' for the additional responsibility.

The barrier between the Church and the State has been effectively reduced to rubble INSIDE the USer Military, where the most egregious offenders against the separation are high-ranking OFFICERS, colonels, generals, admirals. These officers overtly proselytize their own troops, 'recommending' that junior officers and men read particular religious texts, and appearing on media presentations aimed at proselytizing fundi-evangitard Xianist orthodoxy.

So the news that USer troops were engaged in proselytizing Xian beliefs in the Islamic world where they are also engaged in prosecuting an unpopular and probably racist war against people who are overwhelmingly Muslim came as no surprise. Also no surprise that nobody considered that apostate Muslims--those caught renouncing Islam--face de facto death sentences. Presumably, this wouldn't ose much of a deterrent to zealots who reckon the quickest ticket to THEIOR Lord's open arms is joyous martyrdom, in the style of their "savior."
The former prime minister of Afghanistan Ahmed Shah Ahmedzai has called for an investigation into allegations that US soldiers are trying to convert Afghans to Christianity, saying: “This is a complete deviation from what they are supposed to be doing.”

His comments come after a report on Al Jazeera showed footage of soldiers at Bagram air base discussing how to distribute Bibles translated into Pashto and Dari. The US military is denying it allows its soldiers to proselytize to Afghans. The military claims the Bibles shown in the video had been confiscated and destroyed and were “never distributed.” Admiral Mike Mullen told a Pentagon briefing Monday: “It certainly is, from the United States military’s perspective, not our position to ever push any specific kind of religion, period.”

The Pentagon has also sharply criticized Al Jazeera for releasing the year-old footage which was shot by filmmaker and former soldier Brian Hughes.
If any of this is news to you, or something you'd not heard much about, you need to listen to Amy Goodman's Democracy Now. Her guests are Jeff Sharlet, an author and fundie-watcher whose previous work exposed "The Family," the DC fundi-evangi-fucktard "prayer" group which organizes the Xian agenda among the Dim and Puke movers and shakers, and whose latest piece in HARPER'S, the title of which is also the hed for this piece, should be read by every person who wishes to preserve their liberty; and Mikey Weinstein, founder of and prime mover for Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF).

The fucktard colonization of the USer military is the most insidious, most virulent, most anti-democratic threat to the principles of the founding of the Country ever to emerge, in my estimation. When they become "soldiers of Jesus/God," they effectively cease to be the protectors of ALL Americans. Instead of protecting Americans, they start protecting Christian--"real"--Americans. The "them" in their "them & Us" becomes US. That's a bad situation, and a "failure" of leadership. But when the "leaders" are leading the Xianist insurrection, it's hard for the soldiers not to follow.

The ethicical machinations through which these people plunge to justify their rejection of secular democracy to advocating for a sectarian military state is appalling. Sharlet's article in HARPER'S isn't up on line yet. But no one who has not read it can truly appreciate the magnitude of the problem of 'soldiers for jesus' armed and trained by the USofA and set loose...

Here's the vid:

The whole idea of the "training" is to get around the anti-proselytizing regs. Somebody needs a Court's Martial...yeah, COLONEL, I'm talking to you...


One Fly said...

This has been written about for a while. This is sick and so very wrong and nothing will be done about it like everything else. Hate to have those negative vibes but that's the reality and it will only get worse. We have absolutely no control at all!

The Future Was Yesterday said...

I entered the Navy in October of 1967, and it was immediately let known to all new recruits that if "you didn't love Jesus" you best keep your pie hole shut!!