Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Good Bad News? Bad Good News? Talk Radio Is Doomed!

CJR today spotights an interview by Boston Globe pundit and general worthless Rightard tool Jeff Jacoby with Talker magazine's Michael Harrison in which Harrison predicts that "talk radio" is dying. It has at most five years left of any relevancy, due to the incipient and expanding reconfiguration of the electronic 'comm-sphere' by personal electronics. (If there is one unabashedly 'good' thing about The Globe's current, dire financial straits, it is the Jacoby might be out of a job...)

Interestingly Harrison doesn't predict the disappearance of the Bloviating Brigade of hate- and fear-mongering morons whose feculent posturings now entirely overwhelm political discourse in the USofA. Indeed, he diminishes their appeal, claiming their share of the market is declining.

And he makes nice for his pasl in the industry:
Sean Hannity is one of the nicest people in the world. And Alan Colmes, his former partner, is one of the finest people I've ever known. One is considered an arch-conservative and one is liberal, but they're both really standup guys. I judge people by how they go out of their way to help their fellow broadcaster. Jim Bohannon, who's nationally syndicated by Westwood One, is wonderful. Dr. Laura Schlessinger, who is very controversial, is personally a really caring, deeply humane person - which is interesting, because her reputation is the opposite.
Which prompted this reply from me:
Yeah, they're just pussy-cats. The milk of human kindness flows through Mikey ("Savage") Weiner's veins in such quantities that it truly hurts HURTS him--really and truly--to be a farking asswipe every day on the radio. Dr. Laura never conceived an intemperate opinion, and Hannity's just kidding around when he advocates for "eliminating" liberals...

They Rightards always claim these guys are 'actors,' playing 'public roles, and that in private, away from the microphones, they're really wonderful people. I guess they're just such superior actors that their "characters" simply overwhelm their essential 'goodness.'

Jeff Jacoby is a rightard/wackloon tool, as a recent column, quoted on DU, attests without much difficulty:
"THERE IS a bumper sticker on the car ahead of me as I drive down Interstate 93. In white letters on a navy background, it proclaims: ''Single-Payer Health Care!'' That's it. There is no argument, no attempt at logic or emotion or humor -- just an impatient demand for the drastic transformation of one-seventh of the US economy. And note the exclamation point. That is to communicate earnestness, certitude, and indignation -- classic elements of the liberal approach to policymaking: When promoting radical change, passion and good intentions are what matter most. Real-world consequences count for far less."

Jacoby's one of the phalanx of pundits cheering the fall of the BigThree/UAW, too, who is a climate-change denier, and a big pro-war asshole.

He's a truly open-minded broker...

Yeah, right...

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