Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Britain Bans Savage Weiner! A Victory for Civil Society

Here's good news for travelers.

Hatard/racist/cretin/bigot/weasel and self-loathing rightwing pundit Michael "Savage" Weiner has been banned from travelling to the UK.

NPR's "Talk of the Nation" reported their segment this way:
Conservative radio host Michael Savage's name has been placed on a list banning his entrance into the U.K. The list also includes a white supremacist and a member of Hamas.

Michael Savage, host of The Savage Nation, joins us with his story. We'll also hear from Michael Harrison, founder and editor of Talkers Magazine. The magazine recently awarded Michael Savage its "Freedom of Speech Award."
Listen here; the segment's about 18 minutes. Savage/Weiner loses it, predictably, and demonstrates quite handily why the Brits might not want him 'gracing' their shores. The comments are interesting, too.

Savage/Weiner is joined on the list by some pretty significant shitheels, including Fred and Shirley Phelps, a former Ku Klux Klan grand wizard, two Russian skinheads responsible for the deaths of 20 racially motivated murders and -- I'm sure this is just killing Weiner Savage -- several Muslim clerics accused of whipping up hate and fomenting terrorism within the Muslim community. Full list here.

Harrison--a predictable Rightard stooge, was the subject of a Boston Globe interview today by fellow 'Tard stooge Jeff Jacoby, on which I commented elsewhere.

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One Fly said...

the lowlife is definitely in good company. Most would be embarrassed but this prick probably thinks it's a badge of honor.