Saturday, May 09, 2009

Short and Sweet: SERE "Training" Is/Was "Torture."

Please. Can we just stipulate now: SERE training subjected USers to torture at the hands of OTHER USers. Not fake 'torture,' not simulated 'torture,' not 'faux 'torture.' REAL torture.

It was designed to harden USer troops who might be captured to the rigors the USer Top Brass had concluded--because it was in their own playbooks--our soldiers might encounter.

This seems to indicate that USer officials and authorities subjected USers to torture, unless I'm missing something.

So, unless it is the contention of the detainee-torturers that they were training the captives to endure and resist the very hardships they were subjected to, to claim exception based on the fact what was done to the detainees was no worse than what USer troops experienced at the hands of their own countrymen, is the absolute height of jesuitical sophistry.

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Ruth said...

U.S. army training can be called torture, itself, occasionally;
'While PETA was successful in having the class at Dugway discontinued, they also received reports of animal killing at Loring Air Force Base in Maine where soldiers were told to feed and care for rabbits and later to kill and eat them. At Fairchild Air Force Base in Washington, eyewitness accounts describe soldiers who are “required to stroke the rabbit to calm it, then bash it on the head—and the rabbits don’t always die with the first blow.” '