Sunday, May 03, 2009

Why They Call It "Fly-Over" Country.

Cuz you wouldn't want to actually have be in or drive through it...

E.g. Missouri(DOTOF™: PZMyers/Pharyngula:
Missouri's legislators have just passed a vague law that says pharmacists don't have to fill prescriptions for things that they don't like, especially nothing that might look sorta like an abortifacient. This is a bad law that removes standards of professional conduct from licensed pharmacies, and further removes all liability from pharmacists who disregard the doctor's prescriptions for their patients. Well, some of their standards. Ema gets very, very snarky. And Ema has a plan.
One last thing. I have a question for Rep. Ed Emery, Rep. Cynthia Davis, and all the other Missouri politicians who passed HB 226. Since you've removed the professional duty and standard requirements for the sale of drugs, can I haz street stand for the glorious, Capitalist selling of Plan B in your state?
Silly Ema. Only lawyers and politicians and priests are allowed to determine what is best for women's bodies.

I hate flying since the onset of the TSA, but there seem to be fewer and fewer ways to navigate around the country without subjecting oneself to the increasingly dangerous, unpredictable, irrational whims of the fundie/fucktard/wackloon, flying monkeys and their mindless, fabulist, toxic shit.

One question: would pharmacists in Missouri enjoy the option of filling or rejecting prescriptions for anti-HIV or anti-hep drugs, users of which are frequently members of sectarian opprobrium?


themom said...

That's downright f**kin insane. We have a few pharmacists locally that have expressed their feelings for such a law. Guaranteed I would be going elsewhere.

Blue Girl said...

Our wingnuts in the Missouri lege do have a flair for the dramatic, and they are certainly over the top, but this piece of legislation will never see the light of day. It is already held up in the Senate and the session ends this week.

I've already driven a stake through the heart of this particular panic attack here.

nana said...