Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Breaking!!! Flash!!!! Bulletin!

Glenn Beck Is A Lying Bucket of goD-Shit

All the proof you need, right here:

Barbara Walters is really FURIOUS that, by claiming to be a commentator, Blech is eschewing responsibility for the 'facts' that he uses in his commentary. BabwaWaWa's premier conceit is that she is a real, "professional journalist," (as opposed to, say, a highly placed, cosmetically enhanced, speech-impeded, infamously round-heeled celebrity gossip columnist, I suppose?) and Blech offended that conceit. She was almost (horsely) SHRILL!

Which does in no way diminish the fact that Beck is a steaming, reeking, runny pile of god-shit...a term I use so as not to unnecessarily defame the canines of the world who cannot help what or where they poop...mostly...Glenn Beck: Excretium Dei. Who knew?

I kept expecting him to lean in, kinda smarmy/confidentially and sort of stage whisper "Hey, Beyotches! Cut a man some fuckin' slack. It ain' nuthin but Bidness... We'all in da Bidness, right? Give a why-boy a break heah..."

Which, now that I think about it, was pretty much what he did do...Listen to him try to disarm (aka "Suck Up!") with politesse: First "Mrs. Walters" then later "Ms. Walters"...He was just THAT close to calling her "Mrs. Kissinger..." He thought it was the same old kabuki, but the women were pissed, really pissed. They finally saw him clearly, right down to his tighty, mormon Whiteys!

ADDENDUM: In Comments, Margot provided a link to Beck's demand for an apology from "The View." Link if you dare...