Saturday, May 16, 2009

Endangered Species Day

One of these species is critically endangered. The dead one, the argali, or Marco Polo's Sheep. You may take the trophy sun-glasses at your leisure. To avoid spoiling your "head", aim just between the horns.

Seems to me they should be worth more than a stinking (weekend) day. Neither African-Americans nor American Jews are 'endangered,' but both get a full month. Via The Clade:
Endangered Species Day: Rosters
By Chris Clarke | Posted on May 15, 2009

Because it’s important to name names, to honor as best we can the species brought to the brink due to our actions, here are partial lists — courtesy the US Fish and Wildlife Service — of the plants and animals listed as endangered or threatened under the US Endangered Species Act. Note that these are incomplete lists: the IUCN’s Red List is of necessity more exhaustive, and not all endangered species are known. But it’s a sampling. Each species deserves protection.

The list of plants is here, and the list of animals here.

A note on terminology in the lists: Some species are listed despite being relatively abundant, because they are substantially similar to taxa that are endangered or threatened. This is done to forestall potential enforcement problems so that law enforcement need not carry advanced equipment in the field to distinguish among parts of similar species.
See the (cheapy) slide presentation, here.

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