Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Don't Worry! They Only Plan To Use It On Uppity Kneegrows, Libruls And Possibly Immigrants

Via Kos (who, it turns out is one of those hopeful naifs about the extent of the corruption, and the possiblity for redemption, of the SCUM), we learn that the US Military is developing a "micro-wave" crowd-control device which, according to the Sct'y of the Air Force, will be employed against domestic "troublemakers" and not overseas. (It will be restricted from use abroad) because "Domestic use would make it easier to avoid questions in the international community over any possible safety concerns," says AF Secretary Michael Wynne.

The Kos commentator who told the story claims it will further diminish the reputation of the US on the international stage, but that seems to me to be just another example of Kossak naivete.

Real PATRIOTS know the world mocks us for our tenderness towards troublemakers. The Chinese, certainly--who are said by some to market the body parts of their executed felons--and probably the Iraqis (who hanged 24 people today at Abu Graib) too, and even likely our putative allies, the Israelis (who hold upwards of 5,000 alleged Palestinian nationalists in prisons in the Negev) scoff at our insanely delicate sensibilities when it comes to preserving the regime.

This new development in crowd control technology, along with the increased presidential control over the National Guards of the States (we NEED an Army of the Interior: no totalitarian, imperialistic State in history ever proceded without one), will demonstrate to our adversaries that the USo'fuckinA is prepared to do worse to its own citizens than it does to its conquests; or at least just as badly.


Anonymous said...

You mean we closed Abu Ghraib in August, removed the prisoners and handed it over to Iraq and already they've got it back up and killing folks again? That's pathetic.

from Ruth

BlakNo1 said...

This is why I won't take it to the streets unless I'm fully armed. I have no intention of turning myself into some kind of symbolic martyr, fuck that shit.

sandiaman said...

blakno1 is right.
If you can handle being armed, then do so.
If not, then there are other, equally effective ways to fight against being
1) an indentured slave at best, or
2) a frigging serf to our Corporate Overlords.
In any case, the struggle for Liberty goes on.

Anne Johnson said...

Well now, it's only been a momentary lapse in Big Brother's initiative that let us march at all. They machine gunned striking Pullman workers and dropped bombs on striking coal miners, but then they went all soft when that white girl got killed at Kent State. Time to start crackin' heads again! It works like a charm in China.

Scott Arthur Edwards said...

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Eli said...

We are all burrito-Americans now.