Wednesday, September 27, 2006

How Do You Compromise On Torture?

On Eschaton today, "Sister of Ye," a much admired commenter posted the following letter which she sent to her senators:

It is hard to find words to express my horror and dismay that the U.S. Senate is on the verge of passing a bill authoring the use of torture by U.S. security forces.

I grew up on the stories of how our country took the lead in prosecuting WWII war criminals for their crimes in POW and concentration camps. Now our "wiser" elective body is set to discard 200 years of growth toward living out our ideals by turning our backs on domestic law and international treaty to stand among history's tyrants.

This is touted as a "compromise" with the administration. But a compromise with evil is still evil. Let me illustrate: Suppose I visit your office and grab your wallet, and when you demand it back, offer to compromise by splitting the contents? What if I bring a baseball bat and threaten to bash in your skull and break your legs, but compromise and only break your legs? Either "compromise" still leaves a grievous wrong against your property or person. So is it with this "compromise" on torture.

When I went to the Senate website to send this letter, I saw that it was promoting Constitution Day. How pathetic that our Senate can grandstand with an online nod to our defining national document while gutting the ideals it embodies.I urge you to use every means available, INCLUDING THE FILLIBUSTER, to prevent this shame to America. I request that you urge your fellow Senators to do the same.

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