Thursday, September 28, 2006

They Don't Like Us (And Who Can Blame Them)

Huffpost had this item in the daily briefing today (click on the headline above for the details).

New poll results released yesterday revealed that six out of ten Iraqis approve of attacks on US-led forces, while four in five believe that US forces provoke more violence than they prevent. Although three-quarters of respondents believe that the US plans to keep permanent military bases in Iraq, more than half want their government to ask US troops to leave within a year. A overwhelming majority has a negative opinion of Osama bin Laden.

The poll was conducted for the University of Maryland's Program on International Relations.

Now can we just bring 'em the fuck home?

Get'em on a bus, Gus.
Load up the plane, Jane.
Fill up the ship, Chip.
Just bring 'em home...

Pile onto the truck, Chuck.
Bring up the lorry, Maury.
Go on the lam, Pam.
Just come on home.
There mus' be 50 ways to leave Iraq, Jack...


Anonymous said...

It's just incredible that their president during his visit openly invited our forces to stay in Iraq so that they could hold their war in his country, not ours. The Iraqis deserve to be left to straighten out their own affairs, we've proved we aren't capable of doing it.

from Ruth

larry said...

Just this Wednesday I was talking to an 85 year old career USAF, B-17 flight engineer in WW II. Maried for 62 years to a girl he met in England. I asked what he thought about the fiasco in Iraq. He said it was a terrible mistake, and that "I won't travel abroad anymore, they all hate us now".