Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Re: IXXI--Still Shrillin' Like A Villein

Even if the Gibbering Chimp had not done so, I am morally certain that Cheney read the Aug. 6 pdb and chose NOT to act upon it or any other information regarding terror threats inside the US.

There were many reasons not to act, but mainly it was that by aug. 6, the Bushevik regime was in tatters:
1) There was a Rummy 'death watch' on Slate.
2) There were nightly jibes on both Leno and Letterman, as well as the hundreds of lesser lights of the political comedy scene.
3) There was the fiasco of the rotating cabinet.

Indeed, there was disaaray and disorder throughout the House of Bush.

They needed a reichstag-style event, just exactly what the the Aug. 6 pdb promised.

Dick Cheney's the evil genius in all this. If he didn't actively permit it to proceed, he chose to ignored the threat...

In either case, it was (charitably as possible) in the hopes that the damage would be smaller than it actually turned out (the Reichstag fire didn't kill anybody, btw). I think they imagined a smaller, less grandiose attack. They didn't need much. Almost anything that killed Murkins would suffice.

I claim the exemption that Harper's editor Ben Metcalf provided in his essay in the maqg last summer when I say that, if i could, i would cut Dick Cheney's head off and stick it in the mailbox at the Chimps ranch in Crawford...

Just sayin.

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