Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Protect the Constitution, you drooling fuck!

We, the People, will take care of the rest...

Matt Lauer: And yet you admitted that there were these CIA secret facilities. OK?

Shitwhistle Bush: So what? Why is that not within the law?

Matt Lauer: The head of Amnesty International says secret sites are against international law.

Chattering Chimp: Well, we just disagree with him. Plus, my job is to protect you. And most American people, if I said [to them] that we had who we think is the mastermind of the 9/11, they would say, “Why don’t you see if you can’t get information without torturing him,” which is what we did.

Matt Lauer: I don’t want to let this “within the law issue” slip though. I mean, if, in fact, there was water boarding used with Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, and for the viewers, that’s basically when you strap someone to a board and you make them feel as if they’re going to drown by putting them underwater, if that was legal and within the law, why couldn’t you do it at Guantanamo? Why did you have to go to a secret location around the world?

Simpering, scampering pseudo-simian: I’m not going to talk about techniques. And, I’m not going explain to the enemy what we’re doing. All I’m telling you is that you’ve asked me whether or not we’re doing things to protect the American people, and I want the American people to know we are doing so.

It isn't the business of the motherfucker to 'protect the people,' especially not at the cost of the only document that really DOES protect us.

And wtf is up with Matt Lauer--who in the video strongly resembles PeeWee Herman-- confronting the Chimperor? What the fuck is he thinking?

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