Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Re: IX/XI Anniversary #5: The Day After

I refrained from posting on the anniversary yesterday, mostly because I am one of those who believes the Busheviki are lying, and withholding the truth about the events of that day; and I didn't want imputations of tinfoil haberdashery (mine's fringed with x-mas-tree tinsel) associated with my postings.

I did listen to Amy Goodman's debate between skeptics and the orthodoxicals, and it seemed to me that the skeptics came off better; especially when they claimed that the orthos wouldn't or couldn't address the issues, but had always to deflect examination of the controversial evidence into realms of ideology.

It is my firm and considered belief that, faced with the threat of 4 years of humiliation at the hands of late-night comedians, and the total failure of policy and imagination within the regime, and scorn and increasing irrelevance among the people, Cheney (whose brief in the regime after all, was INTELLIGENCE [fucking HELLO?]) opted to let the attacks proceed, hoping the results wouldn't be too disastrous (which they weren't, really: more Murkins died in a single day at the Battle of Antietam than were killed by Osama's boys).

So, I was happy to discover (from Bob Sheerer's site, www.truthdig.com) THIS site. I hope it discomfits the whole and utter fuck outta the complacent, the brain-dead, and/or the cowardswho cannot face the possibility that, yes, the Chimp and his minions, lickspittles, satraps and toadies COULD do something like this.

They could; and imho they did.


marblex said...

of bloody course it was an inside job. Der shrubenfuehrer and his gang of criminal co-conspirators are the ONLY ones who profited from 911

Silverstein faced a huge loss when the towers would have inevitably collapsed on their own weight because they were never architechturally strong enough to stand forever.

After the 1993 attacks the ATF SHUT DOWN the WTC for 2 months.....time enough to wire the place with explosives.


Anne Johnson said...

Battle of Antietam still stands as single bloodiest day of warfare in Amerika. I grew up in Sharpsburg. And that was a real war, not some damn thing cooked up by a handful of religious loonies and an eager beaver vice-emperor.

Eli said...

opted to let the attacks proceed, hoping the results wouldn't be too disastrous

I think you have that backwards...

And while I have very little patience for conspiracy theories that BushCo. somehow orchestrated the attacks (come on, does anyone seriously think they wouldn't have fucked it up?), I have no problem at all believing that they calculated that leaving the shields down and inviting an attack would be the Reichstag fire event they needed to consolidate their ill-gotten power.

BlakNo1 said...

The Loose Change people totally pw3ned the Pop Mech assclowns. The assclowns were reduced to insults and wholesale violations of Godwin's Law.

zid said...

I wrote this in your blog 4.30.06
zid said...
There seems to be many streams of malevolent, greedy, paranoid, xenophobic, controling, elitist, behavior at work. They all work like grease in the machine of a dark side of human evolution. The machine controlls and grinds up resources, as well as human dignity as if dropped off by fedex for todays Orwellian industrial co(n) plex. Make more shiny trinquets shouts the puppet masters. The Corporation as state with GDP's larger than countries pushing and pulling and manipulating for the bottom line. One can only wonder how far, how evil, how cold and calculating in human life this machine is? For that reason it is easy to see why some may feel the box cutter pilots took the metaphorical corporate limo to the air port in Boston and New York one morning in September. Would the cold, dark, genius of the machine go that far? Will it go farther? What's a little executive priveledge among fiendz