Friday, September 29, 2006

A Plea For A Furry Friend

My Eschaton-friend, Katie/sittin'pretty, has one of the biggest hearts you'd ever wanna meet, and devotes a lot of it to rescuing endangered or damaged canine and feline companions.

She has taken on a new crusade: Mia, an elderly miniaure poodle who has developed a cancer in her mammary glands which has resulted in a suppurating tumor. the vets say she can be brough back to health, but the price is steeper than either Katie alone, or Mia's people, can afford. So she's asked me--another sucker for any lost or hurt animal--to help and I agreed.

We need, collectively, to raise about $1000 for Mia's surgery (vets are NOT inexpensive). I have myself already pledged $25 (oh, hell, make it $50) to the project, and am soliciting any of my readers to assist as they may.

Mia's vet is the Clint Moore Animal Hospital. There's an Atriots for Mia Fund established at the clinic, and I have suggested to Katie that she help them set up a pay-pal account for the dog.

If you want to send a check, the address is Atriots For Mia Fund, c/o Clint Moore Animal Hospital, 9531 Clint Moore Rd., Boca Raton, FL 33496.

Addendum: I called the vet (561.487.0226) and gave 'em a credit card donation. They say they haven't got the time, the staff, or the patience to start a pay-pal.
Contact me, (konopelli at hotmail) if you're gonna contribute, and i'll provide ya with the account name...
Thanks again.,..


Donna Marie said...

I'm sending fifty dollars. Is there a paypal yet? I'll pitch in some more if/when one is set up.

Anonymous said...

Having just lost one of my beloved elderly Siamese cats, my Sheeba, to the same thing, I'll be happy to help. Over a period of about 2 and a half years, Sheeba had three separate surgeries to deal with those damn tumors. It's not fun, and it's definitely not cheap. I'll be sending a check to Mia's fund, and please tell the vets that if they'll just go ahead and take care of this little old girl, more will be on the way.

All the best to Mia and Katie.