Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Alberto Gonzales -- The Immigrant Eichmann

In response to the latest outrageously mendacious stunts by AbuGonzales in front of the Senate JudiciaryCommittee, his blatant lies, unapologetic insolence, and utter contempt for the Congress before which he was charged to speak and tell truth, Larry Johnson, on his NoQuarter blog, wrote the following today, trying to both express and contain his fury:
“It is in justice that the ordering of society is centered,” wrote Aristotle. If so, Alberto Gonzales is a f–king anarchist.

“I believe that justice is instinct and innate; the moral sense is as much a part of our constitution as the threat of feeling, seeing and hearing,” wrote Thomas Jefferson. If so, Alberto Gonzales is blind, deaf, dumb, and unfeeling to a sociopathic extreme.

I must disagree:
Rather than a bare anarchist, or even a sociopath, I'd call Abu Gonzo a 'loyal, compliant, anarcho-corporatist,' no different really from Cheney, or Bush--or Mussolini, come to it--or any of the rest of that feculent crew in their slavish loyalty to the corporatization/privatization of the whole of the USer 'commons.'
He's no sociopath. He's just following orders. His orders are to be such an outrageous, unignoreable nuisance to the Senate that they occupy all their efforts 'getting him', meanwhile leaving his bosses free to play.
(FWIW: The coincidence of this flap in the Senate with the firing by the U of Colorado of Ward Churchill is almost too ironic to be contained on the same page. Whatsoever else you might believe, he was NOT wrong that some of those working in the Towers that day were, in fact, engaged in work thich was designed to accomplish the violent conquest of distant parts of the world. His point was always that those folks were legitimate 'targets,' and the others were what the US military likes to call 'collateral damage.' The boot on the other foot is likely to be a bit uncomfortable.)
AbuGonzo is not the exception, and he's not the first. He may not even be the best of this crew of bare-faced scoundrels, liars, pimps, and gunsels. Everything we know about them since 2001 redounds with the truth of one observation:
EVERY effort these mo-fos have made since day 1 has been with the end in view of undermining, sabotaging, and undoing any and every institution and/or instrument of 'democratic, republican' self-government by which the People might resist or reject the designs of their would-be corpoRat Masters. They have done it by destroying the faith of the people in ANY government by their repeated, egregious and exaggerated performances of incompetence and roguery.
After watching the Busheviki for the last 7 years, it would require a person with a deep commitment to political autonomy, and to government of, for, and by the People to resist the temptation to just say 'fuckit,' and resign from the field.

My buddy Mena gets to the heart of it:
Yes We Are Soo Fucked.
I have reached the realization that even our most heroic efforts at this point (and really for quite awhile now, maybe since 2000) can accomplish nothing more than triage and damage control. The ruination of this country is a done deal, nearly complete. In my opinion we might as well let the bastards have what they think they've won and save our energy for.... other things, as they've succeeded in destroying the legal means by which we're so feebly attempting to limit their depredations.

They want a new world order, I say lets give it to them. One which offers them no protections at all, in which they must try to enjoy their stolen luxuries in fear of their lives, and crucially, one without the backing of a corrupt superpower,would seem only fitting. There are only so many walls and even the strongest can keep out the dispossessed for only so long..
There's really nothing wrong with the country that a million angry people encamped around the ShiteHouse, with pitchforks and torches, couldn't cure.

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kelley b. said...

He's just following orders. His orders are to be such an outrageous, unignoreable nuisance to the Senate that they occupy all their efforts 'getting him', meanwhile leaving his bosses free to play.

Bingo! Exactly right.

Additionally, Abu Gonzo's job is to establish the legal precedent of total disregard for the Constitution by the corporate Authority of the police state.