Saturday, July 28, 2007

Imperial Powers: Does ANYONE Truly Believe...

…that the next, or ANY subsequent, Executives will voluntarily abjure the exercise of the Powers which the Busheviks have (need it be said: illegitimately, illegally, and unconstitutionally) arrogated to the Executive in the last 7 years?

Cuz if you do, i got some real nice, tribeca real estate in Manhattan i’d like ya to look at.

The “Rule of Law” has been a dead letter since IX/XI--actually, since Sandra Day O'Connor (may her fibroids consume her) installed the Busheviks cuz she wanted her replacement to be a fucking Puke. Unless something is done to resuscitate it—without immediate, emergency intervention—it will remain entombed, as no better than an atrophied, useless emblem of the better, more just, freer days, mummified like an ancient egyptian king.

If the Busheviks seizure of power, abrogation of the separation of powers, and other criminal enterprises—including the ICORP of Iraq—go unpunished, unrestrained, uninterrupted, how does anyone think to prevent it the NEXT time—and there WILL BE a next time…
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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, no.