Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I Just Listened To ShiteHouse Spokesbint Frances Townsend Evade & Lie For Five Full Minutes

God knows where he found the nerve, but lil Stevie Insqueak actually asked her, repeatedly, to reconcile the differences between what she was saying, the new NIE for Iraq, and the facts on the ground.
And she lied, and she evaded, and she temporized, then she fucking lied some more.
Follow the link under the headline here and listen in wonder as Insqueak seems to be trying to grow a pair. Astonishing.
Send him a nice note congratulating him on his newly rediscovered lil stones.
Meanwhile, the guy reading the headlines about Iraq blithely repeats the Bushevik talking points about how alQaeda-In-Iraq is the biggest threat there--an evident lie, inasmuch as just the opposite was the headline for the last month or more.


Tena said...

I tried to leave a comment yesterday and my browser crashed - I guess it's this dial-up.

You so funny, Woody. I love your posts.

bluecanyon2 said...

Being a glass-half-empty sort of guy, I reacted to the same interview with a little more skepticism. I wrote to Inskeep thusly: Good try getting the very slick Fran Townsend to admit we created an Al Qaida force in Iraq, and more anti-US sentiment and terrorism in general.If you had asked her that directly she still wouldn't have admitted it, of course. She's getting paid for mis-information, not information.