Friday, July 27, 2007

Headlines: Dots To Be Connected

At 9:45 am, MDT, today (7/27/07, CE), these were the headline links for stories atop the YahooNews feed:
• South Korean hostages alive in Afghanistan; Release urged
• Suicide bomber kills 13 at Pakistan's Red Mosque; Photos
• India and U.S. announce nuclear cooperation deal
• Thousands homeless as Asian monsoons continue; Floods
• Exposure to Agent Orange linked to high blood pressure
• Rising ozone levels from pollution could stunt plant growth
• Goldberg and Shepherd in final negotiations to join 'The View'
Did I inadvertently tie my tinfoil too tight this morning, or is it possible that these actually ARE the intersecting and interlocking vectors of 'reality' and that, in important ways, each story illustrates and illuminates each other in ways that implicate for us the reasons that so-(and inaptly)-called 'po-mo' critics regard reality as textual?

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