Saturday, July 14, 2007

As Washington Prepares To Draw Down "Boots On The Ground," AP Says Air Force Missions Increase

Sound familiar?

This was the USer strategy in 'Nam, between April, 73, when the ground troops were mostly withdrawn (except for the embassy guards, etc), and the eventual fall of Saigon, in '75.

This is a much better approach, from the POV of the invasion/occupation's supporters, because it reduces the number of the occupiers/invaders vulnerable to attack--and hence, the casualty count among the invaders--permitting the civilians at home to breathe easier about all that nasty death and destruction. In the meantime, though, it also ups the terror ante for the victims on the ground, who never know where the next strike will come. Such strikes kill pretty much indiscriminately, despite what the techno-fux say about targeted ordnance.

Also, the brave 'warriors' are spared some trauma, because they don't typically see their victims or the aftermath of their deadly, murderous stealth attacks.

According to the story, USAF 'lifer fux' are "looking forward" to their enlarged roles in the conflict in Iraq. They gonna kill 'em s'mo raghaids!

(photo: B-1 drops its racks'; copyright, Ted A Morris, Jr)

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