Sunday, July 29, 2007

In the Corporate State, corporate media ARE

the State Media. (Revised and extended.)
That means, they don't hafta tellya what to think, cuz they're in control of what you think about. Their job is to teach you how to think about what they want you think about. And that 'how' is constructed in the vocabulary of their own privileged view, but by repetition, normalized and reified for mass. They start in the crib, and it NEVER stops.
(Consumption used to be disease that could kill you, by filling up your lungs and drowning you slow. Now it is the engine of the economy, which is filling up the country with crap and drowning us slow.)

Advertizing and Public Relations, the School, Entertainment (Sports, Personalities, Pop Culture), the Media are the hydra-heads on the body of an internal propaganda apparatus of amazing subtlety, incredible--global!--reach, and universal permeation. The whole purpose of this apparatus is to control the agenda and to teach the populace how to think about what they have already arranged as the topics you are gonna be encouraged to think and talk about.

Their genius is that you don't have to teach 'what to think'--so obvious a tactic even an American could probably see through, on a good day, after a good night's sleep and a light meal...
If you control the agenda, that takes care of itself. All ya gotta do is teach'em 'how' well enough.
B-CUZ the tools of observation and analysis always already condition the phenomena which are present to them.
Which, though I hadn't thought about it before in exactly these terms, is the basic insight of both quantum physics and husserlian phenomenology.

(Cross-posted at MLW, in comments; I find my own best writing comes in reply to the insights of another member of the same conversation.)

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