Friday, July 06, 2007


Both Noquarter and Firedoglake have recently had up posts in which they labelled GOPuke presidential aspirant Fred Thompson as a "mole," for his service to the GOP in telling the Nixon Whitehouse the inside details of the Senate Watergate Committee, on which he sat as a minority counsel.
While Thompson's betrayals of honor, oath, and duty almost 40 years ago do certainly indicate he is a man wholly lacking in principle, honesty, and trustworthiness, they clearly identified him as a man on the way up in the GOP. So, while those reports of his treachery to the Committee do mark him as a blackguard, name him a GOP spy, an agent planted in the Congressional machinery probably by the Nixon cabal itself, they do not indicate he was there under false pretenses, or sailing under false colors. I don't think it accurate to declare him a 'mole,' no matter how repellant his behavior or how corrupt his actions.
If, however, there ever were a GOPuke 'mole' in the innards of the Dem Party--a "mole" in the traditionally understood way of interpreting that terminology: someone pretending loyalty while acting for opposing interests--that one would have to be that bejowled, befouled, feckless fucknozzle, Joe Lie-berman.
There is much about Lieberman's career in the Senate that is clarified, even explained, if one regards him not as an independent actor, but as a (secret) protege of the wealthy and powerful Bush crime family.
Did you ever wonder why the Bushes, whose political power base originated in Conn--with Sen. (and presidential aspirant) Prescott Bush--would tolerate a Dem in the Senate from 'their' state if it weren't for the purpose of having a reliable source of Dim-inished intelligence on the inside and in the highest levels of the Dumbocrap party? The Bushes helped Lie-berman dispatch Lowell Wiecker, a 'disloyal' sitting Senator (vis, his Watergate record).
Or": Why would the Conn GOP put up such a string of such overwhelmingly underwhelmingly lack-luster challengers to Lie-berman, if it weren't to ensure that their 'mole' stayed comfortably in place in the deepest circles of Dumbocrap councils?
More Ideas?
Then there were the circumstances of his 'election' last fall, which did/do no more than to confirm my opinion.
If you're looking for a mole--a true traitor--in the Dumbocrap Party, you have no further to look than their Vice-Presidential candidate in 2000: Holy-Fuckin'-Joe.

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oldwhitelady said...

I think you're on to something with this. Joe does seem to be the wolf in sheep's clothing, to my eyes, too.