Monday, July 09, 2007

Why Algore won't run, and why I don't blame him...

Over on HuffPost this am, there is a long discussion about the possibility/potentiality of Al Gore running (and winning) the next 'election.' The author, Steven Weber, seems to think that the prayers and sighs of the yearning, fearful, desperate electorate will somehow induce the reluctant former VP to join the fray.

I am pretty certain that Gore won't run.
He's been too sure, too firm, too uncoy about it.
He just doesn't want to do it.
And who will blame him?
The Busheviks have utterly fucked up everything they have touched (quite in accord with the orders under which they were installed.) The country is past redemption. Nothing anyone can or could do will change the situation. Anyone who takes the job will be confronted with an utterly intractable situation, and a series of completely unwinnable 'wars':

1) the next Prez will be charged with "losing" Iraq, at the same time having to do SOMETHING to ameliorate the damages already caused.
2) the next Prez will have to face the impossibility of imposing a global conscience on the notoriously conscienceless CorpoRat culture to confront the global climate crisis.
3) the next Prez will have to provide institutions for the provision of health/medical care to a people who will be becoming less and less healthy.
4) the next Prez will have to lower the expectations of the the US people so that they will be able to resign themselves to reduced circumstances necessitated by the fact that NOTHING about the way we live today is remotely sustainable.

That's right: nothing--absolutely NOTHING--about the present states of affairs is 'sustainable.' The next Prez will have to preside over the defeat of humanity. It ain't gonna be pretty; it is, however, inevitable.
I don't blame Al Gore for not wanting to step into that snake pit.


Anonymous said...

Hooray! I get to vote for someone who will keep troops in Iraq forever!

Redeploying "over the horizon"? What a crock of shit.

Sparkle Plenty said...

I dunno, Wooody. You're arguments are strong, but Al's one of those guys with a genuine sense of duty down inside. He might reach some point where he feels obligated to run.

Anonymous said...

Sparkle may just have the right idea. If it gets closer to the actual race and a GoPervert is looking strong enuff to threaten this country with eternal damnation (No, it's not there yet) it might be the push to put Al in the race despite his own disinclination.

from Ruth

Tena said...

Well I'll tell you this much in no uncertain terms:

THE BEES ARE NOT DISAPPEARING. We have more bees here this summer than I've seen up here since last fall - they are thick.

You can quit worrying about that.


blogengeezer said...

Fully agree about Bees Teena. They have unexpained cycles through out history. The birds ate a record harvest off the front of vehicle during stopovers on last trip. Along with Bees, King Crab and Dungeness Crab are at record levels. No worry about them either :>)

LittleBrother said...

And now for something completely different: When Hippies Go Bad -- The Hypocrisy Of Al Franken's Opponent

WGG, Rogue Scholar & Tokin Lib'rul said...

I joined NORML a LONG time ago...

as for the bees, afaik, their absences are noted more in regions of high human habitation and (dare i say?) 'frequency'...