Friday, July 20, 2007

Paul Craig Roberts, Right-wing Stalwart, Tells Thom Hartmann "Another Attack's The GOP's ONLY Hope!"

Roberts, pictured to the Right (naturally), made the startling (if you've not been paying attention) claim in the middle hour of yesterday's show.
I just checked the archives, and it's not up yet. (Addendum, 7/21, 8:38 pm MDT: here.
But, it wasIt's quite an ear-opener: In his slow, careful, Texas drawl, Roberts repeats just about verbatim what I've been saying everywhere and to anyone who'll listen or read, for the last three years: that the only salvation for the fascisti now in power is to permit, engineer, or orchestrate another, bloody, deadly, fear-inducing, terror act on US soil. Roberts--former Raygunaut and ur-Conservative pundit--actually exceeded me rhetorically, by claiming such an attack was the one and only hope of the whole GOP, not merely the Busheviki.

Friends of mine always have dismissed my discourses along these lines as paranoid ravings: that, in the event of another attack, not only would the People NOT blame the Busheviki, they'd turn--well, be turned, by the willing, lap-dog SCUM parroting the Regime's line--(probably violently) on the "Left" and "libruls, and Dems (i.e., 'us') as available scapegoats and surrogate terrorists, and blame 'us'--perhaps even try to punish "us"--for preventing the Preznut from protecting them. "If the libs hadn't tried to stop the war, if the civil libs guys hadn't stopped the torture, if, indeed, WE'D ONLY TRUSTED THE FUHRER to look out for us, this new tragedy needn't have happened."

Fuck me runnin', this fascist shit just about writes itself (well, a passing acquaintance with Goebbels helps too). Dolchstosse, anyone?

Oh, who's Paul Craig Roberts? Well that you should ask: Here's the Wiki entry.


Anonymous said...

I have never thought you were one bit paranoid (unfortunately). I think you are mostly right on target.

Mr. Pelican said...

I think it's sad that the bow tie, which I always thought was pretty spiffiing ,has become the trademark of penis-wrinkles like this guy.