Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Flying the Flag

If you're gonna do it, under the present circumstances, the ONLY appropriate way to display it is: inverted, formerly the international maritime signal for desperate problems aboard, and at half-staff, signifying mourning (for the Constitution and the 3500 dead soldiers and marines killed so far in Iraq).
Lotsa folks claim they wanna 'reclaim' the flag a an emblem of progressive principles.
Not me. Not yet.
As Huey P. Long predicted, when fascism came to power in the USA, it came wrapped in the flag and singing a fucking hymn.
Cum stains wash out. Blood stains, not so much. And the banner is stained and corrupted almost beyond redemption, with the shit, blood, and tears of the dead--and it will remain contaminated as long as it its wrapped around the fascist fuckers in the Bushevik regime.
When they're gone--dead, preferably--mebbe then I'll try to recuperate it.
Oh, yeah: in case it matters, I'm a veteran, USAF, 1964-68...


nolocontendere said...

If there's any positive thing this particular July 4 it's the widespread ascendancy of sentiments similar to yours.

WGG, Rogue Scholar & Tokin Lib'rul said...

I am pleased you discern sympathetic views to this in your own vicinity; i been here for years...