Monday, July 30, 2007

WASF: Corn Is NOT A "Sustainable" Energy Source

By this time next year, at least 50% of all corn grown in north america will be devoted to the production of ethanol, not to food.
The average U.S. automobile, traveling 10,000 miles a year on pure ethanol (not a gasoline-ethanol mix) would need about 852 gallons of the corn-based fuel. This would take 11 acres to grow, based on net ethanol production. This is the same amount of cropland required to feed seven Americans.

this will mean higher food prices: higher meat prices, higher milk/dairy prices, higher prices all across the Murkin menu.
which in turn will mean more 'food insecurity' among the least prosperous,poorest folks.
If all the automobiles in the United States were fueled with 100 percent ethanol, a total of about 97 percent of U.S. land area would be needed to grow the corn feedstock. Corn would cover nearly the total land area of the United States.

Already in Mexico, hundreds of thousands of peons who were once subsistence farmers can no longer afford to buy corn meal for their tortillas, so that folks like us can drive SUVs and Hummers and Navigators, and the entire obscene array of huge, inefficient piecesof mechanical crap; the pay-back comes when you look DOWN on your neighbors, i guess...

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