Monday, August 28, 2006

At CBS, "Racism" and Hypocrisy Battle To Be The "Survivor"

My very smart "little" brother, who sometimes post comments here as "Panamint Pete," e-mailed me this:

Hey, here's some meat for your mill.

This am I was reading the news and saw some groups are protesting a production decision on CBS's show "Survivor" to split the contestants into racial camps. Obviously this is a ploy to bolster sagging ratings. Evidently Sumner Redstone, the 'liberal, progressive, socially responsible' owner of CBS, believes this kind of idiocy will resonate strongly enough in the public eye to promote viewership with the drooling idiots and knuckle-draggers who watch this waste of bandwidth.

Infuriated, I dashed off an e-mail to the programming office at CBS saying I was no longer watching CBS shows until they showed some social conscience, and reminding them that this show, with it's changes puts them well into the Supreme Court's definition of obscenity, as it is sensational with no redeeming social value. "What's next," I inquired. "Teams of Jews, Muslims, Christians and Druse battling it out in 'Survivor Lebanon'?"

My duty done and my conscience salved after clicking the send button, I clicked away back to my browser; but as I flashed past the CBS main page, I saw a link which made my sphincter tighten: There, prominently displayed was a photo of Nelson Mandela, under the link to "CBS cares."

I immediately went back to the feedback page and wrote ANOTHER e-mail, this
time lambasting them for the utter hypocrisy of using the visage of a man whose
tolerance is legendary and whose reputation is without stain to shill the message "CBS cares," and then turning around and running a load of racially supercharged bilge water that is "Survivor."

You gotta lay into this one, bro, get it out there. This is KorpoRat Komedy at its worst...

(I'll leave that to my good bro...)

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Metro99 said...

I'm beginning to get this eerie suspicion that dinnertime at the Konopelli household was very much different than that on "Father Knows Best."

I've always despised these so-called "reality" shows, "talk" shows, and "entertainment" fare in general. At the end of the day one might say in all seriousness that the only intelligent programming is to be seen on the Cartoon Network.

Bugs Bunny rawks!!!