Thursday, August 24, 2006

A Freebie, for the DNC, from Me

Here's a campaign ad for the Democratic party to stake out the ground of inclusivity, populism, and peace:

Theme:We're ALL Democrats...

(three vignettes, each 10 seconds)

Vignette 1: At the gas station, a vertibable cacaphony of bells ringing as each dollar slides down the sounds like the slots room in a casino. Then everybody stops, looks at each other, and they (in chorus) announce: "We're ALL Democrats here!"

Vignette 2: A funeral, with a flag-draped coffin, surrounded by solemn mourners, and a black-clad family sitting by the graveside, quietly grieving. A crawl under the image reads: "We're ALL Democrats, here..."

vignette 3: Inside a church, a congregation giving praise, when the church door opens inward to reveal two men standing in the doorway. The hymn never falters, and the congregation continues as the two men take their places in a pew. The hymn ends. The preacher in the pulpit says "We're ALL Democrats here!" The congregation sings "AHHH-Men!!!"

Free for the asking...All I require is the cite.

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