Monday, August 21, 2006

The Emperor Wears No Socks

I heard the Bush 'presser' this morning and was pretty much aghast.

This was as singularly embarrassing a performance as one would never hope to experience from the putatively 'popularly elected' leader of the most powerful--and formerly the most admired--nation on the planet. It came about as close to a self-parody as someone who is as unreflective and unconscious as a box of rocks can get without noticing they had lapsed into self-parody.

I took some encouragement that the SCUM* are apparently beginning to notice that the Gibbering Chimperor (GC) is--if not naked, at least--not wearing socks. There were some pointed questions--which the GC maladroitly dodged: the money one being when the Cox News guy got the GC to assert that "nobody" had never claimed any connection between Saddam Hussein and AlQaeda (which was and is, of course, flatly false, exactly that statement having been made repeatedly by both the simpering, scampering, smirking pseudo-simian and his handlers).

But the SCUM still defer to him. They still treat him with a modicum of respect which is totally unnecessary when asking questions of some mendacious pol who--even if he is the soi disant 'president--is doing nothing but dodging accoountability and selling the "BIG LIE."

Interestingly--depressingly--CNN reported at the same hour as they summarized the presser that, according to recent polls, the GC has caught a small rebound from job-approval numbers in the high 30s, up now to "42%" (who knows the MOE?). Mao told us it was possible to rule with such a fraction, and the Busheviks prove it.

So there are still people in the USofA who apparently still hold the chattering Chimperor in some modest regard; at least, there seem still to be people who do not detest him utterly (which, imho, is the means test for sanity in the current political environment). And for this I blame the SCUM, and their unwillingness to convey to their readers, viewers, and auditors their own fairly evident understanding of the relevant reality: it's as if they are extras in a Marx Bros. film,--A Night At The WhiteHouse--at which the audience laughs, but from beyond the prescenium, while the supernumeraries on the screen are profoundly missing the joke.

Now, with 78 days til 'election day,' some folks on the 'left' (that's, in itself, such a joke as to be worthy of SNL) are ginning up anticipation for the fall "elections," seemingly excited in the prospect of the Dumbocraps taking back one of the Houses of Congress. They seem to think this will mark a 'victory' of sanity over idiocy, mendacity, and bloody-mindedness.

But it won't be a victory. As Digby noted a week or so ago, all that will mean is that the Dumbocraps will be heaped with responsibility for the eventual catastrophe, and will lose a good campain issue in '08. No razor-thin Dumbocrap majority in either House will stem the flow of fascism in this country, or applay any tourniquet to the hemorrhaging abroad; not as long as there are 'blue-dog Democrats' all over the country, sucking up to the CorpoRat hegemons and the local fundamentalist, nativist, apocalyptic crazies.

There is only one public symptom which would unarguably and irrevocably damn the Busheviks to the shit-pile of history where they belong: if and when the SCUM and the People greet any and every utterance, or appearance by the Busheviks with howls of scorn and hoots of derision. We have to get inside the proscenium, deliver the laughter where it may be heard.

Unless and until that condition can be reliably predicted, and the hoots of derisive laughter that greet them are visibly and audibly reported, nightly--along with the latest news about JonBenetRamsey and the mandatory Missing White Girl stories--believe me, friends, the Busheviks are still in command.

**SCUM: So Called Unbiased Media

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