Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Death of JonBenet Ramsey Is (And ALWAYS Was) A LOCAL Goddamn Story

And who cares, anyway?

It is, since the death of her mother, of signal importance to exactly ONE person: her father.

Nobody else.

The lavish coverage by the SCUM amounts to nothing more than "Missing/Dead White Girl" porn pandering!

I, for one, am utterly uashamed to announce: "I DO NOT GIVE A ROSEY, RED, FAT RAT'S REEKING ASS ABOUT JONBENET RAMSEY!"

I do not care why she died.
I do not care who killed her.
I do not care that her parents forced her into kiddie porn.

It's a LOCAL story, you shitwhistles...

Just like the Robbie Padilla story.

What, you never heard of the Robbie Padilla story?

Not surprising, that.

He was a little boy, age 8, who lived in Santa Fe, and who simply disappeared one day, about 5 years ago. He has never been seen again. there has been a lot of local speculation about what happened to him. But there are no concrete leads in his disappearance. He's just gone.

And the national press is strangely quiet about it. Could it be because Robbie Padilla was a little latino boy from the working class with brown hair and black eyes, not a little, blonde-haired, blue-eyed upper-middle-class dollie?

Could it be?


Anonymous said...

If it weren't for all those home movies of the poor little thing stuffed into horrible costumes trying to remember mommy's orders and SMILE, OR ELSE, don't you think the press would have let go a long time ago? In an interview a couple of days ago here with a pageant-trained contemporary of JB's the ex told about being made to stop watching when the news was on all through her childhood so that she wouldn't be afraid to get out there and play like a chorus girl out of the fear that she'd be killed as well.

Sad childhood.

from Ruth

Anonymous said...

Yeah, if only there were cute videos of little Robbie, then...?


Scary moment at Milwaukee's great Irish Fest: During one of the Irish dance schools' performances, a very little girl, all made up, looked eerily like JonBenet Ramsey and, in the relaxed, semi-choreographed stage exit portion of their number, went into the exaggerated sexy poses with flirtatious smile and many waves to the audience seen on the videos.

So, JonBenet's story ought to have been local, but it went big and national. And little girls who never took part in baby beauty contests now have the JonBenet moves down pat.


Anne Johnson said...

22 murders in Philly in one weekend. Who cares? They're macacas. (Did I spell that right? It's a new term to me.)

Ripley said...

I had the same thought, WGG. Anyone remember Girl X?

The 'news' in this nation is a joke, and it doesn't show any signs of improvement in our lifetime.

Metro99 said...

Amen, brother, amen.

Expect the utterly worthless corporate-controlled, multi-billion dollar conglomerate infotainment industry to beat this horsey to death. But some of the blame has to be laid at the feet of a mass audience that is too doped-up on the Little Baby Jesus, WalMart, nationalism, and blood-lust to just shut off this bullshit that passes for news.